When clients engage Level 3 Design Group, they gain access to over 20-years of procurement experience and a well-vetted
global network of trusted vendors. This combination of experience and connections enables the Level 3 procurement
team to source the highest quality materials at the best possible prices. Procurement is not just about finding the
right materials and goods. The Level 3 Design Group procurement team helps bring peace of mind to our clients by
ensuring that once the goods and materials are sourced:

  1. Importation and shipping logistics are handled ensuring that products arrive on time and within budget
  2. Using industry leading purchasing software, invoicing from all vendors and contractors is streamlined into one
    comprehensive summary. As well, clients have the ability to login to monitor project status ensuring complete
    ongoing transparency
  3. Accountability is in place ensuring that any issues are promptly handled to full satisfaction

Our procurement team is committed to maintaining the overall integrity of the design, while remaining within your budget.
The procurement process is a critical part of any interior design project. The extensive experience of the Level
3 Design Group procurement team and their commitment to seeing the client’s vision realized ensures that our projects
are completed on time, within budget, and exceed expectations.