Alisa Fouse - Level 3 Design Group team

Alisa Fouse

Principal, Chief Operating Officer

Having spent the majority of her career in the hospitality, architecture, and design industry, Alisa takes a proactive approach to guiding the daily operations and implementation of company projects. Her commitment to excellence and concept of team are the promotive attributes that ensure that every aspect of a client’s project is designed, purchased, built and installed with a level of passion, inspiration, creativity and integrity that is synonymous with Level 3 Design Group. Alisa is a graduate of Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and speech communications. Her vast experiences throughout various industry fields allows Alisa to be decisive and bring motivating viewpoints into her role at Level 3.


Alisa can recite the alphabet faster backward than forward and is a master chef who loves to experiment with unconventional meals and recipes. Her specialties are Italian food and her famous yogurt tacos with sprinkles for her son. She also loves to travel.

Brent Lynch

Principal, President

With thirty-one years of experience dedicated to interior design, architectural services and FF&E procurement for the hospitality industry, Brent brings consummate knowledge to every hotel project. As the recently named President of Level 3 Design Group, he will lead the executive management team and share oversight of operations for the firm, including Project Management, Purchasing, Marketing, and direct oversight of the Interior Design teams.

He has worked on projects in multiple segments of the industry, including Marriott, Hilton, Fairmont, IHG, MGM, and Caesar’s – with management of large portfolios of hotel projects.

He is active in numerous hospitality associations and is an active panel speaker at industry trade events and conferences.

Prior to joining Level 3, Brent was with HFS Concepts 4 for 17 years.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina and attended the Art Institute of Chicago.


Eduardo Renteria - Level 3 Design Group team

Eduardo Renteria

Principal, Senior Interior Designer

Eduardo uses his love of space and form to create intimate, charismatic, bold and sophisticated designs. His passion for detail and ingenuity, coupled with his commitment to his clients’ budgetary needs, enables him to create spaces and design products that are unique and purposeful. A graduate of San Jose State University, Eduardo began his career as an intern at Level 3, which instantly showcased his innate ability to marry the creative and the functional aspects of design together effortlessly.


Fun Facts: Eduardo is an adventure seeker with a classic case of wanderlust. He has canvassed over 20 countries on 4 continents; North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe and intends to explore all of Mexico on his next big journey. When not traversing the globe, he’s riding his bike. Eduardo is an avid long-distance cycler with thousands of riding miles under his belt.


Jim Spitzig - Level 3 Design Group team

Jim Spitzig

Principal, Founder

Since launching Level 3 Design Group in 1995, Jim has been leading the day-to-day activities while maintaining the firm’s strong relationships with national brands like Marriott, Hilton, and InterContinental Hotels. Jim’s unmatched entrepreneurial spirit is at the helm of his success in owning hotels and makes him an expert in understanding the needs and goals of hospitality owners domestically and abroad. His clarity of vision, business integrity and commitment to clients’ goals has been integral in the firm’s continued upward growth. Jim earned dual bachelor’s degrees in engineering and business from Purdue University.


The ultimate globetrotter and thrill seeker, Jim has done a lot of everything. From riding a motorcycle in California or a camel in Marrakesh, to skydiving, bungee jumping, playing water polo or go cart racing with the Level 3 team, he’s always on the go. When not working on the next great hotel project, he flies to foreign lands to explore the joy, culture, diversity and learning that world travel brings. His favorite thing to do however, is spend quality time with his son.

Julia Stokes

System Administrator & Purchaser

Julia is the resident geek who configures, codes and customizes the design and purchasing system for Level 3 and is most excited when handling reports and documents. As a purchaser, she works seamlessly with designers, project managers, construction teams, vendors and clients throughout the project. Julia is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in North African and Middle Eastern studies and a master’s degree in nonprofit administration.


Julia is a twin and an avid trail runner. It’s been rumored around the office that the only running partner that can keep up and not get left in the dust is her Corgi, Stetson.

Lee Gott

Principal, Creative Director

With industry-recognized talent and 23 years of experience in hospitality and high-end residential design, Lee brings extensive knowledge to Level 3. She believes that well-designed spaces are a reflection of their environment, function and design vision. She manages and implements that vision through a strong collaboration with the architects, owners, and brands. Prior to joining Level 3 as Creative Director, Lee held positions as Design Director at Studio HBA in Santa Monica, CA, and Director of Design at HFS Concepts 4 in Long Beach, CA. Particularly skilled in FF&E and custom furniture design, she has designed projects throughout the United States and in China. She graduated with a BFA of Interior Design degree from American Intercontinental and is NCIDQ certified.


Lee has both British and Southern roots and enjoys cooking with friends, wine tasting, biking, swimming, and traveling. Her favorite travel spots: England, France, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Charleston, SC and Key West, FL.

Mario Barrera

Principal, Purchasing

Andre handles daily operations pertaining to procurement, delivery, and installation for multiple properties across the country. A consummate team player with a willingness to go above and beyond his own scope of work, makes the most challenging projects flow with ease. Always striving to learn the ins and out of the industry, Andre has worked in various roles throughout the company and prides himself on having an outgoing personality and being easy to work with. Before joining Level 3, Andre studied sociology at the University of Arizona and had a career in banking.




Fun Facts: Andre may be the only L.A. native that detests the beach and the sun, so avoid inviting him on any tropical vacations. Since his bout with West Nile Virus in 2012, swimming in the L.A. river and all rivers for that matter are off the deck as well. Movies and hats however, are never off the table, as Andre sees at least 50 movies a year and collects an even larger number of headwear of all styles.

Megan Caldera

Principal, Head of Design

With over 11 years of experience in the architecture field, Megan brings a wealth of knowledge on building code and compliance specifications and ensures that each project is designed and developed to its maximum potential for space planning and flow. Megan is a LEED AP (Accredited Professional) with the U.S. Green Building Council, committed to creating sustainable and renewable design. She earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. A proud fourth generation Japanese American, Megan resides in Long Beach, in a 1920’s Spanish revival home with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. Long Beach has a special significance since it’s the same city where her grandparents owned their home during the 1940’s.


Aside from moving to Thailand for 3 months to attend architecture school, Megan was a competitive gymnast for 15 years and can still do the splits. She is also a founding member of the non-profit The Beetle Group, which is committed to elevating the health, beautification and safety of Long Beach communities. When not completely immersed in all things hospitality, you may catch her at a karaoke bar singing her favorite song “Roxanne!” by the Police.

Megan Hahs

Principal, Junior Designer

Megan is a Junior Interior Designer with Level 3. A graduate of Cal State University Northridge with  B.S. degree in Family Consumer Interior Design, Megan supports the design department in a multitude of areas. Megan’s ability to work in a fast paced environment, coupled with her attention to detail and excellent organizational skills makes her an integral part of the Level 3 Family. Before she began her career in interior design, she worked in retail administration and project management for retail stores. She was responsible for managing the openings, closings and maintenance for 65 stores, while coordinating day to day tasks.




Fun facts

Megan is a California native, with a knack for playing beach volleyball. An artist at heart, she was awarded a scholarship in high school for the portraits she drew. In addition to her creative side, she has a soft spot for  humanitarian work. She spent  2 months in Australia and a month in Germany working with a non-profit organization.


Michelle Wilson - Level 3 Design Group team

Michelle Wilson

Principal, Director of Purchasing

Michelle is a seasoned, creative professional with over 20 years of broad project management, procurement, sourcing and logistics experience. Specializing in luxury and international properties, her strong analytical and critical thinking skills allow her to consistently bring complicated projects in on time and within budget. Her efficiency, combined wither vast knowledge of the design industry has built an excellent foundation of effective long-standing working relationships. Michelle is inspired by the most challenging of projects and finds great joy and satisfaction in a job well done.


Not only does she create exquisite design concepts for hotels, but also for herself. Michelle is a five-star fashionista and has been spotted wearing her own fabulous designs in the office and at exclusive events.

Mike Dominguez

Principal, Senior Interior Designer

For nearly two decades, this California native and die hard urbanite has been designing mid to high end hospitality projects throughout the United States. During this time, Mike had the unique pleasure of touching multiple different hospitality genres including restaurant, casino, multifamily, and hotel interior design for various notable restauranteurs, developers, and hotel brands. His attention to detail, a penchant for client satisfaction, and overall positive disposition have enabled many a successful project and longstanding relationships in the hospitality community. Mike received his design degree from Brooks College in 2004 where he was Valedictorian of his graduating class. Following this, his immediate employment with a renowned Southern California restaurant design firm set him up to thoroughly navigate the hospitality design process and he now lands at Level 3 to embark on an exciting new chapter.


Even though he was an “artsy” kid that was always sketching and tinkering, interior design is actually Mike’s second career. His first career was in healthcare where he started out as a dialysis technician for a major area hospital. After a few years and a few promotions, a particularly bad episode of Trading Spaces inspired him to enroll in design school to obtain his degree which (finally) enabled him to channel his love of beautiful spaces into a bona fide career.  Another fun fact: His favorite parlor trick is that he is able to name all of the 50 United States alphabetically in under 20 seconds.

Nichet Smith

Principal, Purchasing & Public Relations

An experienced professional with an executive career built largely in the non-profit arena, Nichet serves as the liaison between media outlets, the press, and the general public. She creates marketing collateral and develops information dissemination strategies to further elevate the profile, reputation and visibility of the Level 3 brand. Her exemplary interpersonal communication skills and business acumen are an added benefit in her ability to cultivate and maintain relationships in all areas of the company. Nichet obtained a Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies from Arizona State University and enjoys using her many skill sets at Level 3 in a capacity that provides fun, new, and rewarding challenges.


Nichet has trekked the globe to advocate for the world’s most underserved populations and visited the White House several times (during the Bush and Obama Administrations) for briefings, meetings, or a groovy party. Her fondest memories include her travels to South Africa for a dinner party hosted by Nelson Mandela and a trip to the Middle East and Germany on Air Force 2 as part of a special USO holiday tour for the troops. Nichet’s obsessed with travel, Latin dance, and was once an NFL cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals.

Nicole Labastida

Principal, Senior Interior Designer/Project Manager

Nicole brings more than 25 years of design and commercial construction project management experience to Level 3. As a Senior Designer/Project Manager, Nicole has an appreciation and understanding of both sides of the industry.  After earning her bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, she began her career as an “Imagineer” with The Walt Disney Co., working on both Tokyo DisneySea and California Adventure in Anaheim.  Those Disney years were instrumental in forming her belief that every project has a story, and every interaction be an experience. That philosophy naturally led to her career in hospitality design where for the last 15 years she has continued creating those stories. Her passion for problem solving and aptitude for detail in bringing a client’s vision to life, has built strong,rewarding, long term relationships throughout the hotel and interior design industry.


With ambitions to be a globetrotter and adventure seeker like Jim & Eduardo, Nicole loves escaping to the Mayan Riviera with family.  She’s jumped into a cenote (40’ waterhole in the earth), swam with sharks and snorkeled along the 2nd largest reef in the world. She’s hoping to one day to travel around Europe.  She enjoys visiting hill country wineries with friends and being her husband’s “pinche” while enjoying his amazing creations.